What makes Australians different to Kiwis

Well i am a kiwi and i love australia.

I even live in Australia.

Aussies are arrogent and rude and thats why kiwis hate them.

BUT there are alot who are not rude etc.

I think its more the fact that no one can look at a person anymore and know if they are kiwi or auzzie, sometimes i get mixed up as a auzzie, but then people see i am olive skinned so i must be a maori.

(i dont actually have a drop of maori in me but because i am olive skinned auzzies think i am)

And because the maoris are so "big" its like the end of the world, lets just be nice to them.

Its just the whole over the ditch thing, we are all so close yet we are so competitive with everything, sports etc.

Also with work, alot of kiwis flock to Auzzie because the money is better, I know i did, i wouldnt have had to if the money was good back home, but its not for what i do.

Also the auzzies like to claim the famous people that have come out of nz and movies etc.

AND how the auzzies treat the maoris, they treat them better than there own indegies, back home in nz the maoris are treated like the indegies.

Healthcare is so much better over here, there are a heap of islanders and kiwis on the dole because over here you get a heap more for kids etc and not working than you do in nz, for example i know a woman who was getting $400 a week for 2 kids in nz, she moved over to NT and is now on $850 a week for having 2 kids and no father!!!

Its so much easier for people to go on the dole over here and not work.

Also with housing, in NZ we dont have the first homebuyers grant, we also have only just got like a super thing going on.

NZ is back in the times, Australia is ahead of them in just a few steps.

There is just hate because of the competition.